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Top Trends in Digital Experience for 2024

In the rapidly evolving world of digital design and engagement, 2024 unveils groundbreaking trends, driven by advances in technology, shifting user expectations, and creative approaches within all mediums of engagement.

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Use It or Lose It!
Engagement For Live Meetings

In modern meetings, engagement means way more than just harnassing attention. It means participation and interaction and activation. It’s true focus is about what that attendee remembers afterward. It’s about whether a person walks away feeling curious vs. bored, inspired vs. indifferent, confident vs. overwhelmed. So how can we structure engagement in the planning process?

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Better Bites: The Power of Shorter, More Dynamic Videos

We’re living in a culture saturated with visual stimuli. With so much content around us, concise and dynamic storytelling reigns supreme. While long-form videos have their place, trends show creators migrating to Instagram, TikTok and YT Shorts to capture audiences’ fleeting attention spans.

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