We Like To Move It!
Benefits of Animation

We Like To Move It!

In today’s digital business landscape, distinguishing brand and its related messaging is paramount. Using animation in marketing campaigns can elevate presence and engagement.  In fact, the majority of organizations, no matter their audiences, can utilize motion graphics in some way to heighten efforts.

Animation can highlight brand positioning or put focus on a new product. Effects can be infused in social media, advertising, websites, presentations, videos, or exhibit/displays. Its use can be appropriate and effective for external promotions and awareness as well as internal training and motivation.

Here are the…

Top Ten Benefits of Animation in your Brand Marketing

Employing Animation…

  1. Establishes a distinctive identity, setting brand apart from competitors.
  2. Vastly improves brand recall because motion impacts our memory
  3. Captures attention, effective in both digital and live settings
  4. Promotes engagement and interaction
  5. Amplifies brand awareness through enhanced interest in the messaging
  6. Evokes emotions, prompting response and action
  7. Improves impression with modern and professional imaging
  8. Showcases brand personality and story
  9. Augments the outcomes of all digital marketing efforts
  10. Offers a high ROI without huge upfront costs

The more that viewers are engaged with messaging, the more likely they are to share it. This is key to any campaign.  As the way that people experience and relate to brands evolves, the use of animation is most likely becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity for those aiming to stay relevant, fresh and connected.  For teams considering a total re-branding or just a refresh, implementing motion in graphics may be a no brainer.

Watch the 2023 Exclaim Animation Demo

Tim Pritts

Tim Pritts

Tim Pritts, Motion Graphics Designer, and the Video and Media team at Exclaim work with clients to best convey brand story and to understand and deliver the appropriate tone to achieve end goals. With combined experience across a multitude of industries and projects, the team focuses on media strategies and creation, video production and editing, and 2D and 3D motion graphics.
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