Branded CRM drives more engagement

The goal: Create a series of standardized and branded email templates for Ryerson, a North American metal processor and distributor, to communicate with customers and prospects across a variety of sales and marketing touchpoints.

The results: Ryerson’s email platform had been rolled out with generic templates, which were hard to modify for different business purposes. The Exclaim digital team researched and tested the platform’s capabilities, wireframed different configurations and designed a series of branded templates to be effective regardless of communication type. And they are.

Ryerson now has flexible, standardized templates that are customizable for almost any occasion, without writing code. That’s because they were designed, coded and tested to be viewed on more than 30 email clients and platforms. The bonus is that the templates are easy to use, responsive and look great on any device. The effort paid off, delivering more engagement and a seamless brand experience.